Rechtsanwaltsvollmacht, englisch:



with which I/we …. (Rechtsanwälte), attorneys-at-law in 6020 Innsbruck, grant the power of attorney and authorise to represent me/us and my/our heirs in court, before authorities and out of court in all matters including taxes, banking, inheritance, family, financial (tax office), court, land register, civil status and all administrative and other matters, trials or hearings.

The undersigned expressly releases the recipient of this declaration of power of attorney to maintain the official secrecy and the secrecy towards authorities, to maintain or heed the secrecy in personnel and employee matters, tax and duty matters as well as the banking secrecy with regards to the attorneys-at-law having power of attorney.

The recipients of this declaration of power of attorney are expressively authorised and instructed to provide the attorneys-at-law …. (Name Rechtsanwälte) with any assistance and information concerning the signatory, her company, her employees and all employee data, to hand over documents, records, documents on file etc. concerning the signatory, respectively to make or hand over copies.

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